Monday, April 11, 2011


I've been working on the NYC Pagan Pride website today as well as creating (over and over and over again, thanks to retrograde) web applications for all of the participants and for our scholarship.

One thing that I noted about NYC in comparison to other places, was that it all seemed like everyone kept to themselves, everyone had their group and it wasn't often that everyone got together. Then again, that's kinda how NYC is in general: You don't talk to people on the subway either. Heh. I wish I could get out to more events, to see what other groups are like, how they work, what the practice, etc. Unfortunately, it's a matter of making the time to do it. We're working on more PNOs and hopefully folks will respond in a positive way.

I'm very excited to be diving back into planning for this really cool event which brings people out not just from NYC, but from the tri-state area. It's wonderful to network with so many interesting people, not to mention hang out for the day in direct sight of the Statue of Liberty. I know I've posted about this before, but this is what I'm consumed with today.

Yes, I'm crazy for doing all of this technical stuff during retrograde, but it really is time. I'm considering it cleaning out my html closet.

Hmm something dall'Italia? ok. I was chatting with Karen, the lovely proprietor of Mystic Spirit in Montclair. She asked me if I have a cimaruta. I have a modern version hanging out in the house, but there's also a private one too. The family crest isn't something you show off. I wonder if my being so very closed-mouthed about these things was nature or nurture. For my astrology-minded compatriots out there: When I was 4.5 my sun progressed to Scorpio. Think that has something to do with it? LOL

Speaking of astrology, check out the wiki for Luca Gaurico, a famous Italian astrologer from the time of the Italian Renaissance!

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