Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Hippie New Year

The week is catching up with me. I just got to bed at midnight last night after fitting in time for meditation. Today I started reading Volume 4 of the Anthology of Occult Wisdom which includes the writings of Dolores Ashcroft Norwicki, WE Butler, Gareth Knight and Dion Fortune. I was reading the stuff on Atlantis this morning and boy was that a mistake. It's an intense read, well beyond "interesting," but it just plain vibrates off the page. I wasn't prepared for that, but I should have been! Debbie Chapnick, the editor and owner of Datura Press warned me!

What does any of this have to do with anything? In my research on the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, I ran into several Golden Dawn references which included the names of the deities celebrated there as well as their Greek, Etruscan and Roman names as syncretized to the various areas. Golden Dawn gets us to Dion Fortune and eventually to Servants of the Light, who put out the Anthology mentioned above, which includes material on Atlantis. In the history of Samothrace, there is talk of an ancient flood, the survivors having gotten to the top of the highest mountain on the island. It was then settled by folks from Samos and Thrace which gave the island its name.

Crete, another center of Mysteries, and another site of Atlantis legend. I've seen that Caldera, I can believe it. Considering what paleontologists know about how the planet looked and where the tectonic plates used to be joined, is it surprising that many places around the world would have/be remnants of Altantis? Are the Mysteries of Italy and Greece pieces of Atlantean culture?

Today is 420. Happy Hippie New Year :) So smoke if ya got it and kick back, pondering  Atlantis, the great flood retold in every culture, and that Poseidon was not just the God of the Oceans, he was also The Earth Shaker.

Pass the dutchie. I'm feeling contemplative.

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