Monday, April 4, 2011

Work It

I've had the same conversation twice today and here was my basic advice: Find your Deity, do daily devotions, weekly offerings and monthly rituals. To expand a bit:

Figure out which deity or deities you want to work with or figure out who might want to work with you. Use meditation, divination, both, whatever means you use to arrive at these conclusions. Create a dedication ritual if that's your thing. You don't have to dedicate to the deity on a permanent basis, you're dedicating your efforts to the work that is to be done. Look for the signs that your offer has been accepted. The form depends on you and the deity involved.

Commit to a daily devotional practice. Show your dedication to the work, your drive and your determination. This blog is part of my daily devotional practice and it has helped me to grow faster than any teacher I have had to date. Pick something you will do daily, for the moon cycle or the season. That way you're free to find what kinds of things really work for you and your schedule/situation.

Commit to weekly offerings: To the aforementioned deity of choice, and to those who will help you with your work. This can be as simple as a statement of gratitude and burning incense or lighting a candle.

Commit to monthly rituals: Depending on the deities involved you might want to work on the full or new moon or a certain day of the week. Use this time to work with your deity of choice, receive, meditate, visualize, pathwork, spellcast, divine, whatever work you need to do.

I mentioned my Hekate ritual last night and a few of the visions I received. Today during my daily round of research and study I made so many connections that my head started spinning. Many of the pieces of information were already there in my memory from my foundation of study, and today, it all coalesced.

I mentioned lions last night. I found them today. All of the imagery that came up... I've found where it is tho I am still looking for the paintings on the ceiling. I don't know that there are images left today. It wasn't actually the New York public library, but all of the steps, the archways, the reliefs and friezes... it all connects to my Patrons, to what I call them, to the origin of my family name and my bloodline.

Why has this part of my magickal identity only been revealed to me now? How frustrating, right? lol Some of it is timing: Deities bide their time. They have a different concept than we do. I wasn't ready. I have never worked The Work this consistently or at this level before.

Why not?

Possibly because I grew up with it. I rebelled as a teenager and didn't really work it all that much. Most teenagers think they know it all anyway! LOL Like most kids, I didn't have time to discover the mysteries of the esoteric world because I was too busy discovering the wonders of the mundane world. I wasn't ready then to make the commitment I have made now. It's not for everyone. There is a great responsibility when it comes to this work and nothing is ever revealed to you for your own edification. To borrow a few words from my Rabbi: You need to accept the responsibility and the consequences of your decision to do this work. You get out of it what you put into it. 

I am so effing excited tonight that I am giddy. I want to rush off to sleep just to see what I dream about, but I want to stay awake and do more practical research and find more things that validate my visions! I hope that my post inspires someone out there to take up what they can of The Work for the greater good and discover their Magic.

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