Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a start

I've discussed meditation briefly in the past. Last night, after posting, I signed off my electronic devices, turned down the lights, and sat in silence. Well, except for all of the noise in my head. I found it very difficult to get to the quiet space last night, so after a while, I stopped trying. At first I tried counting my breath, varying the count, then using different chants, but I had too much in the way. I even tried literally tuning into the neutral station by visualizing a radio and turning the dial. Then I picked a station on the television in my head and tried to punch it in on the remote, but that led to a meditation on numerology and wander wander chatter chatter wander...

I need a place to brain dump. If I Just get it all down on paper or in an email to myself, then it's out of my head. I'm not going to pressure myself to do this daily, tho that is best, but one morning a week, I will get up and immediately start to write in a journal, just to get it out.

This is not to say it wasn't helpful or effective. I actually had a wonderful revelation about one of my Patrons, the nature of the universe and insight into my own patterns and conflicts. My dreams afterward were interesting and I woke up with tired feet after walking a lot!

I refuse to have this be my brain dump, so to keep it interesting, at least interesting to me, let's talk a little bit about what's on the agenda: There are several drafts of posts brewing, including a few on reincarnation, the ancient concept of energy work and the laying on of hands, and "Prayer" vs "Magic." Hopefully my compatriots will highlight their current research too! It's nearly May so look for posts on the Floralia, fertility rites, and more from Empedocles.


  1. You are off to a GREAT start! Good luck finding a place to put your thoughts - I have a lot of trouble shaking them off too.

    You've inspired me to get cracking with my own studies. So studies: CONSIDER YOURSELF CRACKED!

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  2. Thanks. I'm digging out a large blank journal that has sitting in my pile of office supplies for a brain dump. If that doesn't feel right, I'm going to sit an type. I type faster than I write, so I might get more out that way. I saw your post about getting focused: Good luck! Glad I could help you crack up!