Saturday, April 2, 2011

Modern Rome

Almost every day, especially in the warmer months, a festival is celebrated in the city, most of which are yearly traditions with their particular ways, and where they take place and what happens and which group runs it. Things are done very differently in most areas of the rest of the country, including different versions of celebrations, different dialects, different lingo, etc.

Ancient Rome? Newp. Modern day NYC.

The USA is Italy. New York City is Rome. D.C. is Aricia lol  New York is unique to the rest of the country, as was Rome to Italy. Many other towns might have their local celebrations, but what's televised nationally? The NY Thanksgiving Day Parade. The NY Columbus Day Parade, and so on.

So what's this all about tonight? Just trying to put things into perspective. I have a calendar of Roman festivals. Note that it's not a calendar of ITALIAN festivals. The modern group isn't Religio Italia, it's Religio Romana.

There are smaller celebrations of various holidays in some areas around the US, or they're not observed at all, but you can make a pretty safe bet that no matter how obscure a holiday, it will be celebrated in NYC and if it's a big holiday? New Year's Eve is celebrated where? Times. Square.

I believe it was the same thing in Rome, especially if Rome had a vested interest in moving the seat of power from a city they conquered to assimilate them. This post seems a bit fluffy but, thinking about it this way, I feel like I have a deeper understanding of what the relationship of Rome to it's neighbors was like, especially in regard to being the seat of an official celebration.

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