Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm finishing up 3 new workshops about my Family 'Craft. I'm a collaborator. I like to work with others. I also don't know the level I'm going to be teaching to. Do there need to be pre-reqs for any of these? Well, actually only one. I've got the makings of two 101 classes and another class that I'd call 202, where you need to have some level of knowledge and practice under your belt to participate in the class, or, really to make the class worth your time.

When I read a series, I start with book number 1. If I jumped ahead I wouldn't know the characters or the history and would spend most of the time catching up. So yeah, there's a 202 class in there.

I don't want to write this one in a bubble. I think I'm going to invite a few people over, of different backgrounds and magickal abilities, and name the topic. I'll talk about the subject a bit, going through what I think are the obvious questions, but then I want the group to ask me questions. From there I can see where things go and what other material I need to include. A beta test lol!

I like interview formats more than "barf out what you know" type classes. I also like classes where you do something. Asking questions is a start, but I prefer to do, so I suppose this class will include what is now commonly known as a "pathworking" even tho I detest calling it that! I don't like the word and I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's overused? Used incorrectly?

Anyway, an evening in May, if you're in the vicinity of NJ, you might just be a beta tester. No "yes wo/men" please. I don't need people who drink the kool-aid or who are there just to be a pal and build my self-esteem with empty praise. My self-esteem is fine. I need honest folks who will challenge me. If you aren't challenged, how do you grow? Oh, that's right: You don't! lol

Speaking of challenges, I'm going to further define the parameters of my Dream Project, because some funny, funny jokers (you know who you are) started harassing me yesterday about being awake after midnight. So here they are:

It starts Monday night, April 18th, and will go for 9 nights to start. There, a dream novena! LOL After those 9 nights, I will assess my progress and move on to another set. This way I get a break if I need it, hopefully I won't but the option will be there. I don't want to put insane pressure on the whole thing because then I might just stop because I was too stressed out to sleep. That's the opposite of what I'm trying to do here.

In Saint Anthony news: I have found the missing items! Hooray! I've also figured out why he was on my mind, but that's a whole other story for a whole other post! Tune in next time; Same Witch station, same Witch channel!

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