Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gods of the Crossroads

I started this post 15 hours ago. It's been a long day since...

We've discussed Hekate and Diana here, as well as Janus as liminal and crossroads deities. We haven't really discussed Mercury in this capacity.

Mercury is also a God of the Crossroads. His aspect as a liminal deity seems to have been poured into Janus as a guardian of doorways, at least in Rome. Are the two the same? Was Janus a provincial representation of Mercury? Speaking of conflating deities, let's look at some deities who share the following aspects:

Trickster, communication, psychopomp, magic, commerce, crossroads.

Mercury, Hermes, Papa Legba, Thoth, Janus/Dianus. How many others fit into here?

Janus was also known as Pater, and first amongst the Gods, to be honored first in everything. Papa Legba as well- he is invoked first: he knows every language, can send every message and is allegedly frisky too! I think the "trickster" epithet should really be translated to "cunning." The type who will give you exactly what you want, despite the consequences to you. ie: never say: "Make me a sandwich." Erf.........................

This post, as many others before it, has taken me to the far reaches of the ancient world. I've gone from the Orishas of West Africa to the Berbers of East Africa, back to Samothrace and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. Somehow, except for Djehuti, managed to avoid Egypt. Well, I really didn't manage it, I just didn't want to go into Egyptian influence on the Berbers lol

My Facebook status earlier was "too much information!" and sometimes it's true. Sometimes I just want to go outside and spin and let the information settle where it needs to go. Sometimes I don't like doing this daily post business because I want to take my time to go deeper.

I think that on the kalends I will read over the posts from the previous month and pick a thread to pursue.

Apologies for the start of a thread, it's one of many I hope to continue soon!

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