Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keep Dreaming...

I made it 2 nights in a row, before my dream novena collapsed. How did this happen so quickly? Did my reptile brain rebel to the point that I just gave up? Nope. It was my tarot cards. And really, I think they fulfilled the purpose of the week anyway...

I haven't used my cards in a long time, They've been very neglected. The last time I used them was in February at the Sacred Space conference. I'd never really used them to "talk" to deities or entities or ancestors. For me, that kind of contact was more direct: It came from whispers and especially in dreams. I never needed to do use a tool like tarot for those purposes. For some reason tho, my tarot cards have been calling me. I've felt incredibly drawn to them in the past week. I even had to take them with me when going out and about. They usually sit on the altar in my bedroom, but they wanted to be even closer. After kiddo finally got to sleep last night I sat on the floor to meditate. Newp. The cards wanted my attention. I cast a circle, called in Guardians, and opened up the pouch with the deck.

So last night, I didn't just meditate, I asked questions and received answers. Silly Libra me, I often doubt my interpretations when doing readings for myself, but this wasn't "for me" it was a Q and A and I recommend everyone sit down and do this. If you have any knack with the cards, if you have a patron you'd like to work with or a deity you're interested in, write up your questions and go for it.

I feel like the dream work I was trying to do was too passive. This was much more my speed. I'm a go-getter, what can I say? So last night, I did indeed meditate, I just didn't attempt the neutral channel. I didn't get to bed at a decent hour. I was still working with the cards until around 1 am and was so buzzed that I couldn't get to sleep!

We do what we can when we can. Novenas are also a once a week for 9 weeks endeavor. I think I'll do that, knowing that once a week I can sleep in late/go to bed early, and now I know I need to bring my tarot cards back into my practice.

Have a favorite deck? I learned on Rider-Waite and have a mini Rider-Waite deck that I like to use- it's easier to shuffle than the standard tarot size. I still love the Tarrocci Deck!

Tonight I will leave myself time to meditate. Otherwise, no pressure ;)

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