Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shut up and pass the chocolate bunny.

His followers wept for 40 days. They didn't eat meat during this time. They gave up an earthly pleasure each day for Him. They sacrificed a pig in His honor. They made an equal armed cross over their flaming heart when they prayed to Him.

That's right, I'm talking about Tammuz. And if you don't believe pigs are still sacrificed to this day, well, have fun eating your easter ham.

Feel free to google him but be prepared: Almost every single page is written by fundamentalist christians railing against the "satanic" or "evil" holiday. One of the web pages was actually called "evil holidays." So why aren't we Pagans out there with information about this? Is it because many Pagans look to their own family culture first and we just don't have that many middle eastern Pagans out there? Is it the call of the Celts? Is it because the Sumerians and the Babylonians are depicted as "barbaric" and no one wants to undertake the job of "redeeming" them? Feh.

So here's a video I posted on facebook. It's about the evidence that the God presented in the bible had a wife. Worth the watch!



  1. This was fascinating! Thanks for posting it..
    Reminds me that I've always wanted to take a comparative religion class. I may look into that...

  2. No problem :) The only religions compared in my class back in the day were christians, jews and muslims and their main texts. There was no talk of their Pagan or polytheistic origins. Hopefully things have improved in the past 18 years.